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"This helped me conceive my first daughter "

“It’s worked for us we used twice 🙂 and now I’m 5 weeks ” (sic) L.M, Facebook May 2d 2016 “I used Conceive Plus December 2013 and was pregnant in January 2014. Was trying for four month prior!” A.S, Facebook May 3d 2016 “This helped me conceive my first daughter back in December an know I’m 22 weeks an 3 days… An we are naming her Athena Rozlyn Chatfield” (sic) J.L, Facebook May 3d 2016 “I used this … I’m 29 and I’m 6 months pregnant. It works.” T.P, Facebook May 4th 2016 “I user this after a miscarriage and it worked. Tried for 2 months Nothing. Used the gel and it worked first time. Nothing sexy about it though. The noise it makes when you squirt it in.” L.B, Daily Mail May 4th 2016 “I tried for 6 months with no success and got pregnant the first month after I started using these gels, of course it could be a coincidence but I really think they worked.” H.W, Daily Mail May 4th 2016 “Great stuff it works I’m so glad looking to get pregnant 6 months ago and finally 2 weeks behind!” (sic) E.B, Facebook May 4th 2016 “If i can give it 100 up I would…My journey to motherhood hasnt been easy… past relationships & now Infertility is such a hard thing to deal with..when all u wish for is to be someone’s MOMMY.. last October i finally went pass all my fears and went to my obgyn & explained my situation of NEVER being able to conceive we went through all the blood work ultrasound needed & well found out i had Pcos!!! Even tho i did get my cycle every month i wasnt ovulating properly, so she started me on Metformin…that Dint Work.. in December she kept me on the metformin…well after going over it with my boyfriend we decided to keep on the meteformin. .instead i wanted to loose weight witch i Did (30pounds) last month we purchased this wonderful product do give it a try… we received it right before ovulating week & we only use 1 applicator out of the 8 & just a couple of days ago i got MY BIGGEST BLESSINGS EVER!!!!! I strongly believe this had a lot to do with it!!! Thnk you from the bottom of my heart to whoever makes this!!!!!!” (sic) Facebook May 8th 2016 “I ordered this almost a month ago. Me and my fiance had been trying for years. We used this once or twice and I found out yesterday” K.C.D, Facebook May 8th 2016 “I used it for 6 days and fell pregnant 🙂 x” T.M, Facebook May 8th 2016 “Thank you so very much for this product. After 11 yrs with my bf we are finally 5 wks pregnant for the very first time after using your product ONCE!!!!” L.S, Facebook May 9th 2016

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If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 60 countries, this is the fertility friendly lubricant approved by the FDA and a prescription is not required.