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Declining Fertility Rate - key Challenge to the Prenatal Testing Market in the US

Reportstack has announced a new market research publication on Prenatal Testing Market in the US 2014-2018. The report pinpoints declining fertility rate as a key challenge to the American prenatal testing market. The findings are for the forecast period 2014-2018. The declining fertility rate and related drop in number of pregnancies is leading to a marked reduction in the demand for prenatal testing. Additionally, the risks related to invasive diagnostic procedures are also discouraging expectant mothers from undergoing these procedures. ”The US fertility rate fell from 69 births per 1,000 women in the 15-44 age groups in 2007 to a record low of 63 births per 1,000 women in 2012. This has been due to the changing modern lifestyle and the growing trend of having fewer children,” said a TechNavio senior analyst and report co-author. While prenatal testing helps parents and doctors diagnose chromosome abnormalities, it also has some negative psychological consequences. There has been increasing concerns that predictive testing might lead to higher suicide rates of among identified carriers. Additionally, diagnosis of a disability or genetic disorder could result in parents aborting the pregnancy. To determine the scenario for these vendors in the next 3-4 years, Analysts have conducted in-depth analysis of the impact of market drivers, challenges and trends featuring data on product segmentations, vendor shares, growth rate by revenue and an evaluation of the different buying criteria in the order of importance. To view the table of contents and know more details please visit Prenatal Testing Market in the US 2014-2018.