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"Finally pregnant thanks to Conceive Plus"

“Worked for me with one try…awesome!” M.S, Facebook June 5th 2016 “When I first seen it I was thinking this is a load of crap and people just trying to get your money. After 7 months of trying my other half said buy it and give it ago well it turns out I was wrong and I just found out I am 9 weeks pregnant 🙂 and I fell pregnant the first month we used it. So don’t believe this well not work as it dose it may take time or you can be lucky only time tells.” (sic) C.B, Facebook June 1st 2016 “I wanted to let you that I bought this product back in January and didn’t start using it until recently and last week I found out I’m pregnant!! I’m 6weeks due in Jan” V.V, Facebook June 3d 2016 “Proud to say we’re finally pregnant after 2 years of trying thank you Conceive Plus” M.R, Facebook June 4th 2016 “My boyfriend and I has been trying to get pregnant for over a year now! I ordered 8 of the pre filled applicators on April 20th, received them in the mail on May 6th & after using only 3 tubes I found out I was pregnant ! I was starting to get discouraged but I thank god for your product!” K.P, Facebook June 6th 2016 “After two years we’re finally pregnant thanks to Conceive Plus. My daughter is 18 my son 15 I remarried after 13 years my husband now never had children so we tried everything and no luck a few months ago we took a chance with conceive Plus and we’re 5 weeks and we’re so happy” M.R, Facebook June 7th 2016 “I used to help get pregnant with my 3rd and he’s now 6 weeks xx” R.M, Facebook June 17th 2016 “My little rainbow baby due December 2016, xx” L.M, Facebook June 10th 2016 “I used it once and I conceived my daughter now 5 its awesome!” I.C, Facebook June 14th 2016 “It really works, have 2 kids, was pregnant in the first month!” K.P, Facebook June 15th 2016