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“I have pcos and I used this twice on my ovulation dates and I’m not 4/5 weeks pregnant”

Yay first time using it” P.S, Facebook June 15th 2016 “I bought conceive plus after trying for a baby for ages and nothing tryed for 2 months and now im 14 weeks pregnant was told when i was younger i could never have kids” (sic) K.P, Facebook June 10th 2016 “Hello! I just was to say thank you! I am 33 weeks with our second baby and we got pregnant on the very first try using your product! It took us 7 months to get pregnant with our first when we didn’t use it. I was so very surprised to get pregnant so quickly this time. I was expecting to have to wait like the first time around. So just wanted to say thanks 😄 ” K.F, Facebook June 20th 2016 “We are pregnant 🙂 I’d rate this product very highly I can’t believe it actually work we are over the moon” T.E, Facebook June 20th 2016 “I used conceive plus with both of my children and got caught within a month of using the product and i have a 7 month old little girl and 2 and half year old little boy from using conceive plus” L.B, Faceboook June 24th 2016 “Worked for us and I now have a 16 week old baby boy. Xx” L.B, Facebook, June 30th 2016 “Me and my husband were trying for months, I ordered this and got pregnant the first time using it! Now I’m almost four months pregnant :)” A.Y, Facebook, June 24th 2016 “I started using this in February I’m now Due in December” S.C, Facebook, June 24th 2016 “I used conceive plus 2 times an now im pregnant… i only got it a month ago an only used it 2 times wow it doze work thank you conceive plus for your help” (sic) L.C, Facebook, June 27th 2016 “That is works !!! Eso siii funciona” (sic) I.F, Facebook, June 24th 2016 “I have pcos and I used this twice on my ovulation dates and I’m not 4/5 weeks pregnant :)” T.M, Facebook, June 24th 2016 “It really does work I’m now 14 weeks pregnant I would highly recommend this to anyone xx xx” M.D, Facebook June 17th 2016