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"It defiantly helped us"

Hi, I thought I'd post and say me and my hubby tried 2 years for our first, No doctor would help us because we were under 25. We first used conceive plus in February 2012, and I fell pregnant, but sadly lost it a few days after finding out I was pregnant. We didn't use it again until June that year. I was due my period on my 24th birthday so never thought I'd be lucky enough to end up pregnant. I tested 3 days before my birthday and to my surprise it was positive, He is now a very happy 11 month old, because of how long it took to fall pregnant with him we started trying again when he was 3 months and I am now expecting our second little boy next month. If it wasn't for your product I don't think I'd have the little boy I do now. Thank you so much. It defiantly helped us. I get quite emotional thinking about what would have happened if we did not use your product. Stephanie B.... from Bordon If you are trying to get pregnant, using Conceive Plus fertility lubricant can help increase the chances, naturally. Use in place of your regular lube, Conceive Plus is a gentle lubricant that actually helps the process of conception. Find where to buy here