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After the first use it worked! Love this product

  • Actually worked after 2 months. Jill, Amazon USA Verified Customer, August 2018
  • My husband and I have been trying for almost 2 years. I have tried ovulation kits, checked by my obgyn and resulted in no issues but no pregnancy either. I bought this because my sister had sent me articles on this product twice before. It didn't hurt to try... We didn't keep track of anything this time and used this product twice and I just found out a few days ago I'm pregnant! We were giving up on the idea and it happens in 1 month. Highly recommended! Mrs. R, Amazon USA Verified Customer, August 2018
  • Wife and I have been trying to conceive for some time now, and after the first use it worked! Love this product. Caleb, Amazon USA Verified Customer, August 2018
  • I discovered during our trying to conceive journey that I NEVER get fertile cervical mucus, no matter where I am in my cycle. I was afraid that my non-fertile CM would kill off all the sperm and we would never get pregnant! That's why I bought this stuff and 2 months later we were pregnant! Unfortunately, that one ended in miscarriage, but I'm back to buy another one as we are ready to try again. A little bit goes long way and it is very natural feeling. Amazon USA Verified Customer, August 2018
  • I liked the personal applicator version, I never even told my husband that I had applied it. I bought a box and used it only once or twice and was pregnant that month. After TTC for about 7 months. So when it was time to try for baby #2, I used it again and was pregnant that month! I truly think it would have taken much longer had I not used this product. Worked like a charm. Good luck to all you ladies trying to conceive! Ashley, Amazon USA Verified Customer, August 2018
  • After 8 months of disappointing, the dream came true. My hubby only started taking this supplement last month. Lh.Kai, Amazon USA Verified Customer, August 2018
  • I barely started these after 4 years of trying for a baby and we ended up pregnant. I can’t say for sure these did it but anything is worth trying. We were about took look into fertility treatments but they are so costly I wanted to make sure we tried ever other option first. Tiffany, Amazon UK Verified Customer, August 2018
  • For our first, we used this lube straight away just because we find it more comfortable using lube during sex and we read that lube can be bad for sperm, so we used this and got pregnant in the first month we started using the product. We are now expecting our second, which we didn’t use this lube right away with and we didn’t get pregnant for 2 months. Again, the month we started using this lube we got pregnant that month! We would recommend this lube to anyone who is struggling to get pregnant, even if they haven’t previously used lube! Taylor, Amazon UK Verified Customer, August 2018
  • I decided to write a review because I was once undecided whether to give this product a go, reading all the reviews unsure whether it would be worth trying. After 8 months of trying for a baby I ordered it and on the 2nd month of using conceive plus, I got what I'd been longing for...that positive test! Of course, I, can't say for sure that Conceive Plus can be to thank alone as there are so many factors involved but it's worth giving it a try because just like me you might get lucky! Catherine, Amazon UK Verified Customer, August 2018
  • Thank you conceive plus I used this product like around June after my period and now I'm 2 months pregnant just find out today it really works. Jhenn Navarro Eugenio, Facebook Review, August 2018
  • I have PCOS and was trying 8 years for a baby I used this 3 times and I was pregnant! With my daughter and used it again within 2 months I was pregnant now 20+5 without Conceive Plus I don’t think both of them would be here today I used the pre-filled applicators and used inside me and left it for 15mins x. Laura, Facebook Review, August 2018
  • After suffering a miscarriage and trying for almost 2 years, this product was a 'last resort' before turning to the professionals for help. I used this once and I sit here today 10 weeks pregnant! I would highly recommend this product to anybody trying and wanting that extra bit of help. Kate Hinton, Amazon UK Verified Customer, August 2018
  • I ordered the Conceive Plus lubricant on Amazon. And I used it twice and found out I was pregnant after five years of trying. Facebook Review, August, 2018
  • I used this an now I'm 20 weeks pregnant!!?? Christiana, Facebook Review, August 2018
  • I’m pregnant now because of this ? Nadia, Facebook Review, August 2018
  • May not work for everybody but I give this 5 stars I had been trying for a year used this once and the next month I was pregnant. My bundle of joy is due 9/5/18. Baby dust to you all. Tyra Smith Gilree, Facebook Review, August 2018
  • My husband & I we tried it and it does work we just had our little girl in July ?? we been trying for a year and 1/2. Until we used the Conceive Plus ?? then we had Addie ? Kari Ann Glenn, Facebook Global Review, August 2018
  • The lube works better I got pregnant with it in September & had my son in June. Brittany Brianna, Facebook Global Review, August 2018 Me and my man Tony Rivera started using this at the beginning of August I'm now 10 weeks 5 days pregnant. Nicole A Carver, Facebook Global Review, August 2018