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First month on Conceive Plus and I am now 20 weeks pregnant

  • Thank u I’m now 24 weeks and blessed with a baby boy. Before using conceive plus I had been trying for 3 years x, Adele H., Facebook, December 2017
  • Highly recommend this product as we have been trying for while and nothing. Got this one and not even ovulation day and at first time of use I got pregnant...My little baby girl almost 5 month now, Maria S., Facebook, December 2017
  • I struggled to conceive for 2 and a half years. Had various tests and it turned out I wasn’t ovulating and was waiting to see a fertility specialist as the doctor didn’t know why I wasn’t ovulating. We tried conceive plus and fell pregnant after one cycle. I then found out at my first scan I have PCOS... I think it was a mixture of luck that I ovulated but also the conceive plus helped the sperm to live longer and be ready to meet my egg? Obviously I can’t say for sure 100% but it’s worth a try as a regular lubricant in the hope that you might ovulate that cycle? Currently 23 weeks pregnant with my little girl so I’d recommend to anyone to try conceive plus!, Freedom C., Facebook, December 2017
  • We did conceive the first month we used this lubricant. I do think it helped, as we used a different lubricant the month prior and didn't conceive. If anything, it certainly didn't hinder anything, Jennifer S., Amazon Verified Review, December 2017
  • I've been TTC for over a year now. After 2 months, I got pregnant and now am 4 months along. I didn't use it every time we had sex, so I can't say for sure this was the reason...but, having used it at least 5 times in 2 months, we got pregnant. This was recommended to me by my cousin who was also having trouble conceiving and she's going to be having a baby in February, Sasusc, Amazon Verified Review, December 2017
  • Although it's hard to say if this is the reason I got pregnant, Would definitely recommend as who wouldn't want to try and do all they can? every little helps, Amazon Verified Review, December 2017
  • I used it for three months plus vitamins and now I'm six months pregnant with a little boy, before I was trying for over a year... with conceive plus I got pregnant after three months. Google it it will take you to a website to order, Jessica R., Facebook, December 2017