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You want to get pregnant quickly without any hassles? Get started with our simple steps!

Visualize yourself sitting in a leisure centre or waiting for an appointment in the hospital with friends and loved ones, during which your eyes come upon a mother who’s nursing her baby. What emotions come to mind? Most likely, you’ll feel a rush of warmth run through your bloodstream, your heart sings and you begin to daydream about parenthood.

In the instance that you have decided to stop having children or your wife has just finished nursing your last-child, this mental aid provided will bring back feelings of joy, bonding and parental connection. If you are reading this and you and your spouse wish to conceive or have been trying to conceive with futile results, this is the right place to be.

Now, let's go on a ride to the sure steps you can take confidently that can get your body set to conceive that dream baby, or even babies as you may desire! They are quite simple steps, yet effective and you will have a high certainty of conception if you follow through!


1. Dietary Modifications: A very important step in the preparation of the body for conception is checking what you eat. Imagine you are a farmer. Before planting, you know it is necessary to condition the soil through the addition of essential minerals needed for favorable growth of plants. Likewise, you need to stop eating food that is detrimental to health and replace them with complete and balanced food. Eat well and eat a fertility-boosting diet to increase the odds of conception.


2. Regular Exercise: In tandem with a healthy diet is the need to burn calories through regular exercise. Don’t push yourself too hard, take it one step at a time. Start with the easy like brisk walks and then you can move to the breathtaking exercises like jogging and cycling. The transformations you will observe in your body will astonish you especially if you keep to a regimen of four sessions weekly. Muscle training for 30 minutes daily will not be detrimental but will actually produce better results. Exercise will also boost your physical and mental state. Hospital physicals are quite important as they will provide early diagnosis for any conditions.


3. Stop Stressing: To conceive without hassles, you and your spouse need to reduce stressful activities. The world is a dog-eat-dog world with plenty of mind-boggling pressures and competition existing as a constant in all spheres. Welcome to the Digital Age! However, you need to start making conscious efforts to blow off some steam and enjoy your companionship. Take a vacation if the need arises. Stress raises blood cortisol levels, lowers libido, reduces sperm count, causes vasoconstriction and hormonal imbalances. These are detrimental to the conception process. We advise that you de-stress, stop burning the midnight candle and sleep well, read novels, keep a diary and daydream more about being a parent.


4. Be Mindful of Your Flow: With the advent of the Digital Age, it has become possible to do many health tests on your mobile device. With your smartphone, you can download apps to monitor your menstrual cycles. Sisters, knowing and mastering your menstrual cycle is key to conceiving a child. With that, you will be able to know the optimum period for conception and the length of the cycle. Also, close monitoring of the cycles is important for early diagnosis of irregular flow or spotting, etc. and early medical intervention too. If you are uncomfortable with digital methods, you can keep a diary.


5. Alcohol and Drugs are Enemies: If you are a regular drinker, it's time you said goodbye to the bottle. I know it's hard but I imagine that you’d prefer a healthy baby than one born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Cigarettes are highly carcinogenic (cancerous) and mutagenic (alter DNA make up). the implication of this is that they can cause cause malformation of your baby and even and induce premature birth. If you want a child and you are an avid user of psychoactive substances, it is in best interest of your child health to stop using them because they can actually cause abnormal babies to be born as well as and still births.


6. Mend your Bridges: Babies are very sensitive. They require a peaceful and love-filled atmosphere to thrive well. What this implies is that you and your spouse have to be at peace with each other and with everyone else including family and friends. Stop keeping grudges and forgive each other, keep a loving relationship. Babies love it when their parents are at peace and are in love with each other. If a child has an option of picking his or her family, I’m certain no child will wish to pick a violent home.


7. Self Awareness: When trying to conceive, you need to control your inner thoughts and achieve inner peace. Stop being negative and start being optimistic. Stop telling yourself that it is impossible due to several factors you think might not allow you to conceive and start telling yourself that I can conceive in spite of all these. Positive reinforcement helps your mind overcome your bodily constraints. Mind over Matter! End of the line is you must stop being a pessimist.


8. Start Taking Folic Acid: Folic Acid is a mineral supplement that any woman who is trying to conceive must be intimated on. Its importance should not be taken with levity. Abnormalities like microcephalies (small heads) and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) which are early-stage pregnancy malformations can be prevented by folic acid intake. A daily dose of 400 – 800 mg is recommended. Also, be sure to spend time reading the instruction manual carefully, if you are buying from a pharmacy to prevent abuse.


9. Sex is Important: Of course, to conceive, sex is absolute. During the fertile period of the cycles, ensure you have unprotected sex. The kind that sets fire and illuminate faces. Even if, you have been trying without results, ensure that the romance and the fun never fades away. Don’t dwell on past events. Instead, be adventurous, be passionate, be playful, be loving and enjoy every moment of it. Sex will build the bond between man and wife and with God on your side, everything is possible.


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